SUNY Administration Building Albany, NY

Project Details

Building Owner: .

Architect: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Construction Manager: .

Completed Date: June 1, 2009

Project Description

This project involved much more than just roofing, which is very familar to Titan Roofing. The removals consisted of existing slate and built-up roofing, steel purlins, cast iron hips, ridges, and cresting fence, roof decking, cast iron chimney cladding, as well as the masonry components of the chimney. The reinstalled components included new nailable concrete deck on all four towers, new slate at the four towers, repaired cast iron hips, ridges, and cresting fence. Also included were new mansard slate roofs, new cast iron over new steel framing at the chimney, and copper cladding at the perimeter cornice. The low slope portion of the roof received a new 30 Year Firestone EPDM roof. The scope of work also included flat seam zinc-coated copper portico roofing, masonry pointing, attic insulation, and interior plaster work.