Centennial Hall Albany, NY

Project Details

Building Owner: New York State OGS

Architect: SUPERSTRUCTURES Engineers + Architects

Construction Manager: Western Building Restoration

Completed Date: April 1, 2010

Project Description

Titan Roofing installed nailboard over existing roof deck at the sloped areas.  A new fabricated and custom-stamped copper standing seam roof was installed at the sloped roof areas.  All hips and ridges received custom-made rounded hip flashing. Titan also installed batten seam copper wall cladding and standing seam roofing at the two penthouses, as well as copper copings at all of the parapet walls.  Aluminum and copper louvers were also installed. Unit skylights were custom ordered and installed along with two field assembled ridge skylights. In addition to the copper roofing, Titan also installed a 20-year liquid plastic roof system over insulation at gutter areas at below the copper roof and at two adjacent roofs.