Burden Iron Works Museum

Project Details

Building Owner: The Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway

Architect: Mesick, Cohen, Wilson, Baker Architects, LLP

Construction Manager: .

Completed Date: October 1, 2009

Project Description

Titan Roofing fully restored the roofing, sheet metal, cupola and skylights of this historic landmark which sits in the souther end of Troy, NY.  The building, built 1881-1882, was the front office for Burden Iron Works and now contains examples of objects manufactured in the city throughout the 19th century.

The project involved the complete tear-off of the existing shingle roof and installation of historically accurate clay tiles with decorative hips and ridges.  Also included in the contract was finish carpentry work on the cupola louvers and gutters, masonry restoration, complete skylight refurbishment, parking lot installation and handicap accessible ramp and restroom installation.

The unique 19th century design and aesthetic appeal of the building were upheld throughout the design and installation processes.  This included a homogeneous color scheme which is apparent in the new clay tile, mortar, louvers, and the painted copper standing seam roof.